After being in the bird business for nearly 20 years, we understand that safety is top priority.  We also understand that sometimes, our hectic lives don't always allow us to spend as much time and effort on keeping our birds as happy or as healthy as they could be.

We started our monthly toy boxes five years ago as a way of providing "parronts" with quality products for their parrots on a regular monthly basis. Since we began offering this service, we've seen the need steadily grow and so Polly Wanna Bird Box was born.

How it works

Keeping birds happy, safe and stimulated is very important to us. That is why we put great effort into putting each and every box together before it is shipped. From offering only the healthiest treats to the most entertaining of toys, you will never find something in your box that we wouldn't give to our own flock!

We also feel strongly about helping out birds that aren't fortunate enough to have found their loving forever homes yet, which is why we lovingly donate a portion of our profits to rescues in need across the country. So not only will your monthly subscription keep your own bird(s) happy, but you will be helping to brighten the day of one who is less fortunate.

A little bit about Polly Wanna Bird Box...

take the guesswork out of keeping a happy flock!
Select a box size.

Choose from our $30 Talon Teaser box, our $45 Beak Bonanza box, our $65 Flock Box, or our $95 Jungle Bundle.


Let us know what types of birds you have.

We will tailor each box to fit your bird(s) needs.


We get to work!

Once we receive your subscription, we will begin working to tailor your box to your flock's needs and send it off to you!