Simply select the size bird that you have and we will create a custom box for you each month. Each package price includes shipping to any of the lower 48 states, as well as a variety of toys, treats and other goodies for your feathered family members!

We create each box with:

3 Easy Steps!

A busy bird is a happy bird!

Let us shop for your birds each month

get a box for your flock each month -- cancel any time

shipping is included - no hidden costs.


  1. Only the safest toys

  2. High quality, healthy treats

  3. Stimulating foraging toys

  4. Enticing talon toys

  5. Wood toys for beak conditioning.

  6. Therapeutic perches

1. Select a Package

2. Let us pack your box

3. Polly gets a Bird Box!


take the guesswork out of keeping a happy flock!

When will my box be shipped?

Boxes are normally shipped between 3-7 days after your sign up date each month. This gives us time to make sure that each box is tailored to the needs of your flock!